Maggie loves love. She is pro-cuddler, fully-loaded coffee drinker, an award-winning wedding photographer, a visual story-teller, comedy lover, adventure seeker, and she’s the big spoon.

When something is new or fascinating to her, she often starts her sentence with, "Can you imagine what it would be like explaining (insert fascinating thing here) to an alien?" You might be laughing, but seriously, think about how you would describe driving to an alien, something that has never done that thing and doesn't know what it is or the concept of why we do it? 

Maggie's favorite podcasts are: The Adam Corolla Show, Freakanomics, Serial, and This American Life.

Maggie's primary love languages are: Physical Touch and Quality Time

Maggie values: Efficiency. She's a quickstart. When something sounds fun or needs to get done, she's on it. 



Lacy is a writer, High Performance Coach, unleaded coffee drinker, wake surfer, a personal development lover, and she's the little spoon.

I’ve studied psychology, motivation, communication, conflict resolution and relationships for the last 20 years. A few years ago, I started writing about love, vulnerability, relationships, coming out, and my adoration for Maggie.

I write because that’s how I learn about myself and about the world. I write because that’s how I process. I write to always remember this day, this moment, this life right now. I find that I become a better person, a greater lover, a more brave human, a loving soul, an empathetic creature, through writing. I write because it leads me home, to myself, to greater connection and being. I share because people tell me it helps them and because I believe that if we know something that can help someone, it’s our responsibility to share it.

That’s the greatest thing that Maggie and my relationship has done for the world around us… People tell us that all of the time, that our love, how we think, how we treat each other, what we say, and do and who we are, inspires them to show up in a bigger way for their partners. I think that if you can give people more love and inspire them to see it and feel it, well then, that’s a pretty amazing gift.

I hope MaggieAndLacy.com helps you in just the way you need.